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McCoart Madness!

Forget "March Madness," It's time for "McCoart Madness!" That's right, the yearly tournament where the Board of County Supervisors advertises and adopts the tax rate.

In this year's selection show on Tuesday, the BOCS will advertise a tax rate. Many tax rates have looked good this season, but the conventional wisdom would be to advertise a $1.145 tax rate, resulting in a 3.88% tax bill increase. This tax rate would result in an average $12.09-per-month increase in the tax bill yet would provide a needed $26 million to the Prince William County school system to continue chipping away at class sizes, provide an education to new students that move into the community, provide for many critical unmet needs, and provide for competitive compensation.

However, the possibility for a lower advertised rate from the likes of Pete Candland could shake up the selection show. This may not be the right time to argue for a lower tax rate as the selection show advertise…

Bullying -- The Buck Stops with Justin Wilk

During Board Matters at the February 17th School Board Meeting, Potomac District School Board Member Justin Wilk gave the most eloquent of speeches about bullying. Wilk addressed not only his concerns about the seriousness of student bullying but also problems with bullying, intimidation, and retaliation of school system staff by superiors.  His comments were punctuated by this statement: "This Board is ushering in a new era of responsibility and accountability."

To view the video of his comments, click below: