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Play Ball! Two Runs for Ryan Sawyers

In the recent history of Prince William County politics, there cannot be an officeholder who has
emphatically won as much as School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyer has this weekend with his one-two punch against an out-of-touch Corey Stewart and a trigger-happy Bob Marshall.

Corey Stewart has, for years, been pitcher for the Republican BOCS team, as the School Board has had strike out after strike out after strike out resulting in years of Prince William County having the lowest per-pupil spending in the region and the highest class sizes.

After Corey Stewart lambasted parents and the county school system for being closed in the aftermath of a historic snow storm, Ryan Sawyers made the best response calling on Stewart to "invest properly in our school system" and calling him out for taking his eye off the ball of leading our county as he campaigns for Donald Trump and his own higher office aspirations.

Then, further, Ryan Sawyers took a stand against misguided legislation from …