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Lessons from Steve Harvey's Crowning of the Wrong Miss Universe

And the survey says Miss Philippines.  Steve Harvey accidentally crowned the runner up, Miss Columbia, as Miss Universe before apologizing and crowning the correct contender. Despite a sincere apology, the internet lit up with ire, skewering Harvey with various memes and blog posts.

Apparently, to many, it is quite the atrocity to crown the wrong contestant in a pageant. Either this is because of the irony or hilarity of the situation or because of actual disgust that the wrong person was declared the victor.

Yet, we, as a citizens, as a society, are guilty of the same transgression that Steve Harvey committed, but with much more dire consequences. Through a double-whammy of both policy that discourages citizens from voting and voter apathy, politicians are crowned, or, rather, elected, to public office that do not necessarily represent the will or best interests of the citizenry.

In Virginia, it does not help that there is an election in every year that ends in a number. A higher p…

When One Goes to the Dark Side

Like many others in our galaxy, I went to see the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens this weekend.  No, don't worry, I'm not going to give any spoilers.

As I reflect on this past week's political news, I can't help but make some comparisons to events in prior movies from the Star Wars canon, notably the relationship between Anakin "Darth Vader" Skywalker and Senator (later Chancellor, and, ultimately, Emperor) Palpatine.

Skywalker, despite his eventual actions as Darth Vader, was never what I would call an evil figure. He was an opportunist who sought power, notably, to avenge the death of his mother. Instead of continuing his training as a Jedi under Obi Wan Kenobi, he was seduced to the power of the dark side by the charming and cunning politician Palpatine who sought to (for lack of better words) "Make the Universe Great Again." The rest is history (unless you've never seen a Star Wars movie). Skywalker, as Darth Vader, was immensely po…

Corey Stewart Tapped as Chairman for Donald Trump Campaign in Virginia

Details here:

The Counts will be posting some commentary on this bizzare move in the coming days.

Going on the Attack

Another local election has come and passed.

Not everyone I supported and voted for won their election. 
Despite how passionate I am about issues such as public education, I have to make the realization as an adult, as a mature human being, that it's all right. 
As naive as it may sound, I am giving everyone who was elected to office the benefit of the doubt to perform their duties and represent my interests and those of the community in the best way possible.
Once one starts making decisions that I disagree with, then I will go on the warpath. Our elected officials must be held accountable.
I find it despicable when others have sour grapes about the election results and go on a spree to try to find anything possible to attack those they did not support before they even take office.
Case in point-- The Sheriff of Nottingham has attacked School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers for a quote of his in the Bull Run Observer, accusing him of flip-flopping about the revenue sharing agreement. …