If You Tell The Lie Enough Times, It Will Be Believed...

As a justification for continuing austerity in local budgeting, the likes of Pete Candland, Mac Haddow, and Jeanine Lawson point out that revenues have kept pace with growth in school funding. And they're right, because they use 2011 or 2012 as benchmark years.

 However, A closer examination shows that such an assertion is not quite honest because the most austere years are used for the benchmark.

The reality?

School funding has not kept pace with growth since 2009. Between 10,000-15,000 additional students have been welcomed into our classrooms since 2009 while local revenues have yet to return to 2009 levels.

The time has come to fund our schools properly and stop skewing the funding realities to abdicate the responsibility for doing so.


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