A New Beginning for Prince William County

This blog has been started because it is long past time for the paradigm to be changed in Prince William County. While our county may be a great place to live, work, and play, it is plagued by under-funded schools and under-funded county services. Residents and businesses deserve better. Economic development is necessary to diversify the tax base so that less of the tax burden falls on county residents. However, funding our schools and county services needs to be done in an appropriate way that meet the needs of the community so that we can attract businesses to Prince William County. This is a long-term discussion that goes beyond one budget cycle or one election year, a long-term discussion that should involve multiple voices and perspectives, but results in plans and solutions instead of finger pointing and blaming. 

The aim of this blog is to look for solutions and the big picture. Discussion, agreement, and criticism are welcome. Nobody will be censored as long as disagreement is done in an appropriate, productive, and mature way that sticks to ideas and philosophies as opposed to attacking the messenger.


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